Freelance Project / Mobile App UIUX Design / 2015


Problem   Contractors were having a difficult time finding contract work and the process of signing a contract was complicated as well as time-consuming.
Challenge   There were many different fields that require contract work and they each had different needs. 
Solution   Focused on a field (installation & construction work) and designed an app that helped the workers find and sign contracts easily. The app also worked from the company's point of view as well.  



What is Sideworq?

Sideworq is a mobile platform for workers in the industry of installation and construction. It helps them search for a job quick and easy. One can post his or her availability and skills for employers to view or can also apply directly to a job that was posted by an employer. It communicates in both directions by having a different mode for each the employee and employer.

What was the design process like?

I was asked to join in this project at the point when there were some brief information architecture. My role was to create wireframes, and design the user interface for the mobile application. My main goal was to create a simple and clear design that is as intuitive as possible. I decided to make each block of information into a separate card and apply principles of material design. 

What did you get out of this project?

I believe the main benefit of working on this project was learning more about communicating with developers. I was working directly with two developers and found it very interesting to learn how they think, while comparing and contrasting with my own thinking. 


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