Opineer Daily

Opineer / Web and Mobile Interface / 2014


Problem   Visitors were hesitant to use the website because of its unfriendly visual appearance.
Solution   Designed a responsive interface that is more visually appealing. 

What is Opineer Daily?

Opineer Daily presents 1 poll a day on the latest and most controversial issues in the United States that one should know if one lives in the United States. Anyone can make his or her opinion count by casting one vote a day and starting a conversation with others.

What was the Objective of the Project?

The founders of Opineer felt the need for an improved User Experience, and requested for a redesign of the current web and mobile interface. The requirements included keeping the brand identity but clearing up the interface to make it simple and intuitive. Another important requirement was to bring immediate attention to the main question of the day.  

This is a project still in progress and we are in the process of trying to install the new design. 


Close Up View

Previous Interface

New Web Interface

New Mobile Interface

New Web/Mobile Prototype 

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Opineer Daily