ITN Networks / Product UIUX Design / 2016



Problem   The Media Buying industry was still using an outdated manual process with pen, paper and numerous phone calls. Not only was it inefficient and time-consuming but it also couldn't guarantee the best results.
Challenge   Many of the seniors in the industry were used to the old method and were hesitant to change.
Solution   Created a digital platform that optimizes all the data for the best results in a much shorter time. Designed many interfaces that mimicked the behaviors from the previous process.   

Note: This is a product that is still in Beta Mode. Because it is not completely public yet, I have changed the actual product name to display "Media Buying" instead. Also there are edits made in order to keep certain information private. The InVision prototype is also a limited version. "Buylines" and "Scenarios" under "Portfolio Manager" are the only two sections that will function. 

What is this product?

In simple words, this is a digital platform that allows advertisement spots to be bought and sold efficiently. We are now living in a digital world but it seems like this business is still living in the past. Most buyers still use pen and paper with excel sheets printed on them. They manually pick spots and negotiate with suppliers over the phone. By using this new digital platform, processes that used to take weeks could be done in hours with better results optimized by the computer. The current version is mostly dealing with TV commercial spots but the platform is soon to be expanded into mobile, web, radio and etc. 

What was my role in this project?

As the main UIUX designer of this project, I was responsible for setting design directions of the User Experience through wireframes and flowcharts. I was also responsible for most of the UI Design and communication with developers through InVision prototypes.



Wireframe with Annotation - In the early stage of this project, this was the most common method to communicate my idea with others


Example screens from the platform


Navigation Bar Interaction Prototype