Personal Project / Mobile App UIUX Design / 2016


Problem   Needed a service that could help organize not only large official events but also small and casual gatherings. Also needed a better way to storage photos and videos rather than dumping them into a folder that is never opened again. 
Challenge   If the service was going to be for casual gatherings as well, it needed to be quick in receiving responses. Once photos and videos started piling up, it was difficult to organize them. 
Solution   Created a service based on a mobile platform which is easier for the guests to RSVP quick. Created a system where the photos and videos will be naturally organized and labeled when using the Event Invite service.   


What was the purpose of this project?

After using only an iPhone for 7 years, I have become more and more curious about Android devices. I realized my lack of experience and knowledge about Android systems and felt the desire to study it. With great interest in Material Design, I told myself what better way would there be to study it than designing my own app using the principles?

What is InVite?

InVite is a smartphone application that connects people by helping coordinate small and large events together.

A user creates events and invites others, while also being able to manage it before and after the event. It is a mobile based service, which allows the communication to be easy with quick responses. This means it is useful for not only big official events but also for anything as casual as "Pizza and beer on Friday night."

The mobile app can accumulate images and videos from other users who attended the event and create well organized galleries. Naturally, this gallery would be shared with anyone who was a part of the specific event. This could later develop into a storage service, where images and videos are automatically organized by event, time, attendants and etc. Hopefully this could solve a problem many users have with current storage services, where hundreds of images and videos are dumped into a folder and never opened again.    




Personal Notes & Sketches from the early ideation stage