Galaxy SII (Korea)

Samsung Electronics / Interactive Media Design / 2011

The Official Digital Kiosk for Samsung's Galaxy SII Promotion

This is Samsung's official digital kiosk for promoting the release of the new Galaxy SII. It emphasizes on informing the user/audience about the phone's new features and strengths. It comes in two different versions. There is an interactive version, which allows the users to experience the features through the touch screen, and there is also a video version, which autoplays the experience. 



Problem   Samsung needed content for their Galaxy S2 promotional digital kiosk.
Solution   Designed content for the kiosk emphasizing on the new features of the smartphone. One version was designed as a full video and another version was designed as an interactive experience.    

This was a project creating content for an interactive media installation, promoting the new Samsung Electronics smartphone, Galaxy SII. I worked with an engineer and a motion designer. I was the project leader and was in charge of the overall planning, designing graphics and contacting the client.

The final product came in two versions for this project. There was a version, which allows the users to interact with the interface. The other was a guide version for viewing only. These contents were installed into Media installations or smartphones at promotional centers.

The installations were spread out all over the country, including locations such as the COEX Mall (The largest underground shopping mall in Asia) and D’light (Samsung’s official promotional center in Seoul).

Team Members Hyun-Suk Jung & Je-Hyun Woo


Main Menu for the Interactive Version

Design options for Touch Indicator

Video version installed in a Samsung Storefront


One example of the rough storyboards