SVA IXD / Interaction Design / 2013


Problem   Money continuously finds a way to escape through small habits. It is extremely difficult to save money these days.  
Challenge   Most services warn users after the expense has already been made.  
Solution   Created a service that predicts and warns users before unnecessary expenses are made. The app also brings one to his or her sense by showing the true cost of one's habit. 

We understand that changing the way you spend money is overwhelming. So we wanted to tackle the problem at an every day and micro level. As behavioral experts BJ Fogg and Charles Duhigg say, conquering tiny habits enable you to handle the bigger habits that have greater impact on your life.

So what can Advicely do for me?

Advicely helps you control your vices, reach your life goals & save money. It is a service that shows people the real value of their frequent spending habits and take control of them, so they can learn how to use their money more efficiently. Advicely's aim is to bring people out of their current financial situation and prepare for a better future. 

What are the key features of Advicely?

Advicely will analyze your credit card usage and recognize spending patterns. Before you make a vice purchase, Advicely will send you a message with an alternative suggestion. If you decide to take the alternative option, the price difference will be added to the savings account for your goal. This feature prevents you from spending money on small unnecessary purchases everyday and helps you to save it towards a bigger and more meaningful goal.

The Spending Report and Price of Vice (Value Translator) allows you to easily understand how much money is actually being spent on the everyday spending vices. The Price of Vice feature is especially effective as it visually displays how much money has been spent on the vice and what that is really worth through comparison with items closely related to our real life.

Team Members Meghana Khandekar & Pam Jue

Advicely Mobile App Design Process


Advicely Mobile App Redesign

Different options for Menu Interaction